our mamas

As a small breeding company, each dog we breed is in a home to call theirs. Diamond Dolls Frenchies and Pugs take priority in making sure each mama receives the love and care they deserve.  To do this, we depend on the love and care we get from our family and guardian homes.  For more information on our mamas, please message us!

Our Frenchies

Diamond Dolls Silver Obsession
(AKA Willow Dean) 
Willow (pronounced Willa) Dean is a Lola granddaughter, Blue Samari daughter, and Blue Buddha granddaughter.
DNA: Ay/Ay d/d Em/Em (no brindle, no pied)
Diamond Dolls Lil’ Lilac Sha’Kira
(AKA Kira)
Kira is a short, thick Lilac and Tan Pied that carries Double Quattro, Hercules, Bugatti, Bolt, and Lilac Loki.
Weight: 19 lbs
DNA: At/At d/d co/co s/s
Diamond Dolls Blue Topaz
(AKA Millie)
Millie is a Makita daughter and part of our guardian program.
DNA: Ay/a d/d krb/ky n/s
Diamond Dolls Diamond in a Rhinestone World
(AKA Dumplin) 
Dumplin is a Willa daughter and Stitch granddaughter
Weight: 21 lbs
DNA: Ay/At d/d N/S Em/E Co/co
Cmr1,Jhc and HUU clear
OFA certified Patella’s and Cardiac Normal/Clear


Troubadour and Diamond Dolls Piper LaRouge
(AKA Piper)
A’Vigdors, Troubadour and Gold-Sierra lines
Weight: 19.4 lbs
DNA: ay/ay Dd Em/e S/S
4 Panel Health Clear


Diamond Dolls Little Lilac Empress
(AKA Maggie)
Emporer, Herbert Connection, Pablito, Rolex, Frozen, Turbo Diesel, Beast Nector of the Gods, Curlys, A’Vigdors, Starbuxx
Weight: 24 pounds
DNA: at/a dd co/co Em/e N/N In/In
4 Panel Health Clear
Diamond Dolls Pearls and Lace
(AKA Kennedy) 
Weight: 21 lbs
DNA: ay/At d/d Co/co Em/e
Cmr1,Jc and HUU clear


Diamond Dolls Alani Rouge
(AKA Rouge) 
Weight: 21 lbs, she is in the lineup for 2023 for our red fawns. She is a small, compact happy girl!
Dna: ay/ay
OFA certified Patella’s and Cardiac normal
4 panel health clear


Our Pugs

Diamond Dolls Sassy Tanzanite 
(AKA Tanzi)
Tanzi is a part of our guardian program and is a certified ESA. 
Weight: 18lbs
Follow her on Instagram @ddf.tanzanite
Diamond Doll and Rogues “You’re the one that got away Dean”
(AKA Tessa) 
Sweet Tessa is a part of our guardian program.
Weight: 18lbs

Our Retired Mamas

Diamond Dolls Blue Opal
(AKA Stitch) 
Stitch is a Lola and Blue Buddha daughter.
Weight: 25lbs
DNA: Ay/a d/d krb/ky
Diamond Dolls Sheeba the One
(AKA Lila) 

Lila carries Rolex, Frozen, Starbuxx, and Beast Nectar of the Gods.
Weight: 21 lbs
DNA: Ay/At d/d co/co E/e
Diamond Dolls Blue Ferrari
(AKA Charlie)
Charlie is a Lola daughter and a part of our guardian program.
Weight: 23 lbs
DNA: At/A d/d Em/Em (no pied, no brindle)
Miss Blue Diamond Halo (AKA Lola) 
Our sweet mama who is a blue fawn. Her sweet
and gentle personality makes her a fan favorite.
DNA is dd ay/a N/N
4 Panel Health Clear; weighs 19lbs