our mamas

As a small breeding company, each dog we breed is in a home to call theirs. Diamond Dolls Frenchies and Pugs take priority in making sure each mama receives the love and care they deserve.  To do this, we depend on the love and care we get from our family and guardian homes.  For more information on our mamas, please message us!

Our Frenchies

Diamond Dolls Blue Opal
(AKA Stitch) 
One of Miss Blue Diamond Halo’s firstborns, Stitch is our spunky and energetic blue French bulldog.
4-panel health clear; weighs 26lbs
DNA is ay/a d/d 
Diamond Dolls Silver Obsession
(AKA Willow Dean) 
Willow (pronounced Willa) is our Masked Blue Fawn. Willow is the daughter of Dimond Dolls Blue Opal.
DNA is ay/ay d/d EM/EM (no brindle or pied)
Diamond Dolls Sheeba the One
(AKA Lila) 
Lila is our Lilac fawn girl. Lila enjoys playing with her 5-year-old two-legged twin siblings.
Lila carries Rolex, Frozen, Starbuxx, and Beast Nectar of the Gods. DNA is ay/at d/d co/co/ E/e
Four-panel health tested clear
Diamond Dolls Blue Ferrari
(AKA Charlie/Rari)
Rari enjoys going on adventures and exploring with her guardian mama and big brother, Bugsy Steel.
Weighs 21lbs
DNA is at/a d/d Em/Em (no pied)
Diamond Dolls Lil’ Lilac Sha’Kira
(AKA Kira)
Kira is impressive in her short, thick stature. Lilac and Tan Pied, Kira carries Double Quattro, Hercules, Bugatti, Bolt, and Lilac Loki.
Weighs 16lbs 
DNA at/at dd coco

Our Pugs

Diamond Dolls Pearly Angel
(AKA Angel) 
Our little black pug, Angel. Angel is a gentle cuddle-bug who is adored by everyone she meets.
PDE Clear; weighs 15lbs
Follow her on Instagram @ddf.pearlyangel
Diamond Doll and Rogues “You’re the one that got away Dean”
(AKA Tessa) 
Sweet Tessa is our newest fawn pug. She is as sweet as sweet comes. 
Weight: 15lbs
Diamond Dolls Sassy Tanzanite 
(AKA Tanzi)
Tanzi is our newest addition to the family. She is our fawn pug girl. Tanzi is a certified ESA.
Follow her on Instagram @ddf.tanzanite